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how to cook sand hill crane

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 Posted 1/30/2012 11:27:56 PM

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First time to go crane hunting and we got a couple, I've heard that it can be really good and some people even call it the rib eye in the sky. Can anybody recommend a good recipe?
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 Posted 12/23/2015 12:16:49 PM

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I just found your post.
At this point it has been here for awhile so I hope this finds you.

Sandhill Crane is an excellent meat!!
I lay the breast out flat, put my hand on top of it with just enough pressure to keep it from sliding away, and slide a thin knife through it kind of like filleting a fish.
If you do that twice with each half of the breast then you will end up with six decent sized steaks (three from each half breast) each of which is about 3/4" thick, or thereabouts.

I then soak them in a black peppercorn marinade overnight and grill them to preferred level of done-ness over Kingsford Mesquite charcoal.

The wife says that this recipe is so good that it will make you want to slap your momma.
Not quite sure what that means but the look on her face would suggest that it is really good.
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