Best motor for 16' square back canoe?
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By MattJK - 4/7/2013 11:31:45 AM
I've got a 16' square backed Osagian that is rated for 5 hp.  I plan to run sloughs and backwater lakes of the Illinois river, like in the Sanganois.  Any suggestions? I'm undecided between a standard outboard, a long or short shaft mud motor.  Seems the canoe could be tippier with a mud motor than with an outboard.

Thanks for any insight and opinion.
By ducker - 4/7/2013 4:42:18 PM
I would think the mud motor would cause problems on a canoe. I would stick with an outboard of 3hp or less. My square stern is also rated for a 5 horse but the weight of that size motor made my canoe very tippy. A 3 horse with a built in gas tank works perfect.
By MattJK - 4/22/2013 6:03:09 AM
I found a 4.5 hp mercury outboard with a short shaft.  With a light load in the boat it is tippier, especially with the motor up.  Motor down, no worse than the 2 & 3 hp on a canoe I've run in the past. The river is up so I didn't seem to want for a mud motor.  I could really scoot with 4.5 hp on a canoe!  It wouldn't plane and the motor seemed very lightly loaded at max speed so some trim adjustments and perhaps a different prop may be helpful.
By standard_lengthy - 8/4/2013 9:26:05 PM
I run a 3hp on my squareback. it drafts abou 3in of water loaded so ive never needed a mud motor. most of the tim i just use a paddle anyway