getting a dog started
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By bunker13 - 9/17/2011 5:42:19 PM
looking for any tips on getting a new dog started in training. im new to duck hunting. i have a 7 month old german short haired pointer that loves retrieving. i do hunt with some experinced guys but they dont use dogs. my dog loves the water and has takin a real liking to retrieving. so im looking for any tips or ideas on how to start training him the right way thanx
By Mallard Mugger - 9/17/2011 8:40:40 PM
Welcome to the sight and the wonderful addiction of duck hunting.  Now you've added another component to the mix, your dog.  You'll never be the same!!

What route do you plan on taking for training your GSP?  What is your primary use for your pup?
By bunker13 - 9/17/2011 10:56:45 PM
im thinking i will most likely use him more in the retreving area then pointing. dnt really know of alot of upland bird hunting were we live im sure its out there but ive never been around it. this is my forst year water fowl hunting and im hooked. the dog loves the water and the outdoors and has a natural nack for retreving he loves to bring back the bumpers and tennis balls so figured myb he might enjoy duck hunting with the crew
By Bowunter75 - 9/19/2011 12:54:07 PM
I am by far no expert on this but pick up Tom Dokkens Retriever Training book. It really helped me and Shadow a great deal. More me than him. But the results are there, and i only had about an hour a day to train him, but he does what i need him to and he's happy about it.
By Mallard Mugger - 9/19/2011 9:07:37 PM
I would suggest following the thread in this link by Tim Price.  I don't think you could go wrong with any of that material.  Now, be warned, if you come across GSP, or even versatile retrieving breed enthusiasts, they will probably scorn you for following retriever training material.  It will not bother the dog either way.   Good Luck!